Systems For T ☕

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Feeling overwhelmed?

Being pulled in every direction?

Do you limp into the weekend with work still hanging over you?
Passion and joy for work at rock bottom.
Planning day to day, never able to keep up.

What if you could work less but become a better teacher?

By working on the right things at the right time.
That is where Systems for ☕ can help.
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My name is Ronan Kelleher.

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I am a special education teacher from Cork, Ireland.
I have been teaching for 8 years. Most of the 8 was very hard.
Job hunting. Paperwork. Challenging classrooms.
I have and continue to create systems that I use to improve my teaching and also my own quality of life. I use this blog to share these ideas with teachers like you.

Throw away your teaching planner

Place all of your long term, short term plans , lessons and ideas in one place.